Olight H1R Headlamp as an EDC light!?

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Olight H1R Headlamp as an EDC light!?

My favorite EDC flashlight is a headlamp. Let me explain.

I like to live outside the norm. If everyone in the world likes something one way, I have to have it just a little bit different. I don't care how you do things, just don't question how I do them.

What makes me like the Olight H1R so much? The angled head and magnetic base. So many times I have needed light 90 degrees from what a regular flashlight can offer.

A few examples:
A breaker trips in the electrical box. Flip the open the box and stick the light to the door. Light to where you need it.
Our car is one of 2 in the world that doesn't have a trunk light. Open the trunk and stick the flashlight to the deck lid. Light down where you need it.
Changing a tire at night on the side of the road. Stick the H1R to the fender. Light down where you need it.

In all of these examples, there is no regular flashlight that can do what an angled head flashlight can do.

You could hold your regular flashlight in your mouth if it is small enough. But, if your anything like me you drool like bulldog with a flashlight in your mouth.drool like a bulldog
Not cool Fido, not cool. Yes, that is exactly what I look like.